Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New updates?

On holiday from school, now I have a bit more time to post. Here are some pics from our sushi class.

Friday, September 28, 2007


If you find yourselves in the Los Angeles area, there are fewer noodle houses the equal or better of Shin-sen-gumi. This small chain specializes in Ramen with homemade noodles and savoury pork bone soup.

This Shinsengumi is located in Rosemead, and was packed when we went.

Sister , her beau Daniel and the author

Extremely crispy and tasty Karaage.

The shinsengumi regular ramen with spicy miso (bean paste)

Orion, one of the few beers that is still made in Japan, in Okinawa.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chicken fry, Japanese style

Now that summer is quickly giving way to cooler fall weather, it is time to break out the old frying wok. Karaage is a family favorite, a crunchy snack made from boneless marinated and cornstarch-breaded right before frying. I will post the recipie soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wedding 2: electric boogaloo


The Butsudan, bell, fan and other important items for a Buddhist variety of wedding

The father of the Groom, a very nice fellow quick with a pat on the back and a kind word.

The bon-san (priest) officiating the ceremony

The groom Vu To's family, many of the ladies dressed in traditional Vietnamese dresses.

Cousin Naomi and new Cousin in law Vu, both with big smiles

Of course all of the good eats to be found up in Seattle were only a fraction of the reason we went. Cousin Naomi's wedding drew family from all over the country, and some from across the pacific. We spent a good deal of time on this trip with Teruo-ojisan, our great uncle. Oldest of our grandfather's brothers, he is still funny, hardworking and gentle at 94 years-the backbone of his family.

The flowers here are only a small bit of the garden uncle Teruo maintains, like my great grandfather and grandfather and father he has a skill at gardening.

A (blurry)wedding picture from a photo album

The couple in the left photo are my great grandparents, the house photos on the right are of Teruo-ojisan's home in Hiroshima.
Dinner at Crescent beach. Although there are not many places to go for good fish and chips in Southern California, I had thought that I had eaten some decent variants. The fish and chips at that beachside restaurant blew all of those memories out of the water. Crispy fish with a not too heavy beer batter and real fried potatoes instead of the reconstituted kind is probably to serve the core visitors of the town, British tourists.

The young people operating the shop told us that like many of the other restaurants and shops there are only open during the temperate months, when the tourists flock there. They spend the rest of the year traveling.

This fellow owns both of the restaurants, an Italian native who travels the world in his off time. He regaled us with stories from these travels, and the gelato shop is filled with keepsakes from around the world.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Canada 3

In Steveston, they have a honest to goodness English market in town. This is the proprieter of the shop. They had an entire wall devoted to jams, teas and various biscuits.

As a lark, we took a detour to a town called Crescent Beach on the way back at the end of the day. It was so pleasant there we decided to stay for dinner.

Go Team Venture! Sister and I

Sunset in Crescent beach